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We are a family originally from Chicago that has chosen Uruguay as the place we will settle and raise our kids. Patrick (b. 1985), Ashley (b. 1985), Isabel (b. 2013) and Vivian (b. 2016) have 9 acres in the beautiful Uruguayan countryside in between Nueva Helvecia and Playa Fomento. Our land is 2 hours (by bus and ferry) to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and 1.5 hours (by bus) to Montevideo, Uruguay. Our land is fertile, our water clean, and we are looking for people with whom we can share our abundance! Whether that means being neighbors, sharing in agricultural production, sharing tools or animals, sharing in schooling children, or coming together to share knowledge and have fun, we would love others to come to come live in community with us.

Please note: at this moment, because of the legal complications of doing so, we are not able to provide housing on our land. We propose that people come to live near us either by renting or buying their own land and/or homes, but sharing resources (gardens, tools, childcare, etc.) with us. If it so happens that we build a relationship and trust over time, we may be able to lease a part of our land for living, once we have figured out the necessary legal steps to provide everyone with clear boundaries and rights.

Here are the details: We have 9 fertile acres, a traditional well, and an old ruin on the property (pictured above). We just recently paid to have electricity brought in from the national electrical grid. We are currently living on the land in an isopanel home. We moved in to our home permanently November 2017. We would like others looking to live simply off the land to consider settling nearby to us so we can build a network.

If you’re interested, get in touch with us via email:

Ashley: ashleycolby@gmail.com

Our hope is to build a world community of people looking to settle somewhere beautiful, safe, and easy to emigrate to. We are open to all ages, nationalities, etc. We are a family with young children, but would love to develop a community that represents all ages. We imagine a little village. One where we have our own individual homes/land and lifestyles, but can share resources and live in community with one another. Get in touch if you share this dream!

P.S. We are also open to building a human ecology field school. See info about that here:



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